Aqara E1 Camera is a powerful and flexible security camera with multiple security features. It is equipped with WiFi 6 that guarantees fast data transfer and outstanding performance in crowded network environments. This ensures less latency during live view. Security is highly prioritized whereby WPA3 has been supported to protect the user’s data.

Also, E1 Camera features:

  • 2K resolution for clear and detailed images
  • 130° wide-angle view for comprehensive coverage
  • Night vision for clear images in low-light conditions
  • Two-way audio for communication with visitors or intruders
  • Person detection and tracking for real-time alerts
  • Smart home compatibility with Aqara, Mi Home, and Apple HomeKit
  • High-Speed Data Transfer and Stellar Performance

The latest Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) technology is used in the Aqara E1 Camera, ensuring high-speed data transfer and excellent performance even in busy network environments. This guarantees a smoother live view with minimal latency.
Enhanced Security

WPA3, the most recent security protocol for Wi-Fi networks, is also supported by the Aqara E1 Camera. This implies that your camera’s data has been encrypted and you are safe from unauthorized access. WPA3 is also more difficult to hack compared to previous security protocols.

2K Resolution for Clear and Detailed Images

With 2K resolution video quality, the Aqara E1 Camera has tapped into four times more clarity than 1080p HD resolution cameras. The implication of this is that you can be sure that even the tiniest detail will be visible in your camera’s footage.

130° Wide-Angle View for Comprehensive Coverage

The Aqara E1 Camera comes with a wide-angle view of up to 130° meaning it captures a lot of space within your home. As such, it assures you that your camera will record everything happening before its eyes.

Night Vision for Clear Images in Low-Light Conditions

The Aqara E1 has built-in infrared LEDs that allow it to see in low-light conditions. Hence, no darkness can hide the vision of your camera.

Communication with Visitors or Intruders through Two-Way Audio

The Aqara E1 Camera has two-way audio, making it possible for you to talk to visitors or intruders using a smartphone or tablet. You may need this feature for instance when you want to open the door or ask someone to leave your property.

Real-Time Alerts from Person Detection and Tracking

With person detection and tracking, the Aqara E1 Camera is capable of sending real-time alerts upon sensing an individual approaching. This can help you observe your home and discourage would-be burglars.

Compatibility with Smart Home System

Aqara E1 Camera can support Aqara, Mi Home, and Apple HomeKit. Therefore, it implies that you can add it into existing smart home system as well as command over a smartphone or tablet.

All in all, the Aqara E1 Camera is an inclusive security camera that gives multiple features in order to secure one’s abode properly. The unit is easy to set up as well as use since it can work with several smart house systems.


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نوفمبر 27, 2023