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Aqara Smart Vibration Sensor

Keep your home secure with the Aqara Smart Vibration Sensor

The Aqara Smart Vibration Sensor is a ZigBee technology powered smart vibration sensor that detects vibration, tilt or drop and reports it immediately to protect your home.


The Aqara’s Smart Vibration Sensor takes home protection a step further as compared to door and window sensors that perform the same task of keeping your belongings safe, but stand a possibility of falling short if the intruder tries to disable the sensor with the use of a drill or other similar items. The Aqara Vibration Sensor, on the other hand, detects even the tiniest amount of vibration, thus offering better protection to your home and other valuable belongings.


Install the Aqara Smart Vibration Sensor on your drawers, cabinets, balcony door or even on your other valuable belongings including precious works of art etc. and get informed immediately if there is an attempt to intrude into your space. When it detects vibration, tilt or drop, the Aqara Vibration Sensor sounds a loud alarm to scare away the intruder while also sending you a notification on your smart home app so that you can take timely action to ensure the security of your home.


Compatible with all Aqara smart home devices, the Aqara Vibration Sensor gives you an endless choice to choose your favorite Aqara devices to install in your home, integrating with other smart devices seamlessly to enable you to enjoy the comforts of a truly smart and connected home. Manufactured with an anti-UV material and a long battery life, the Aqara Vibration Sensor ensures that you can keep using your Aqara Vibration Sensor to protect your home for a long time.


Installation of the Aqara Vibration Sensor is very easy and can be completed within minutes without requiring the help of a professional. You are provided with a 1 year manufacturer warranty on the Aqara Vibration Sensor.

Provides your home with all around security

When the Aqara’s Vibration Sensor detects a vibration, tilt or a drop, it automatically triggers an

alarm to notify you of a possible intrusion or unauthorized access to your storage spaces*. Attach the Aqara Vibration Sensor to your drawers, cabinets, balcony door or even your valuable belongings to receive instant alerts if the door/cabinet or your belongings are moved, ensuring their safety and the safety of your home at all times.

(* requires integration with an Aqara smart home hub) 

Designed to be placed anywhere

The Aqara’s Vibration Sensor has a compact, non-assuming size, enabling you to install it on any

surface you prefer including a drawer, cabinet, balcony window or certain valuable belongings.

Enjoy the power of seamless home automation

The Aqara’s Vibration Sensor is compatible with all Aqara smart home devices, opening up a world

of possibilities for you to upgrade your smart home and control it very easily without having to physically perform tasks yourself. With the Aqara’s Vibration Sensor, you need not worry about an unstable internet connection interrupting the normal functioning of your smart home. As long as your Aqara Smart Hub is powered on, your Aqara Vibration Sensor will work perfectly and perform its tasks without interruptions.

Advanced technology for unparalleled performance

The Aqara’s Vibration Sensor is equipped with a high precision acceleration sensor in order to help

it detect even the slightest of vibrations. The shell of the Aqara’s Vibration Sensor is designed with an anti-UV material, allowing for long term usage of your Vibration Sensor without needing any repair or maintenance in the interim.

Enjoy uninterrupted usage with long battery life

The Aqara’s Vibration Sensor consumes low energy, allowing you to use your vibration sensor for a

long time; without having to worry about the hassles of frequent battery changes. One button battery installed in the Aqara’s Vibration Sensor powers the sensor to protect your home for about 2 years.

So smart that it can listen and act on your command

The Aqara’s Vibration Sensor is compatible with voice assistants including Amazon Alexa and

Google Home, allowing you to control your sensor by using voice commands.

Easy control through Apple HomeKit

The Aqara’s Vibration Sensor is also compatible with Apple HomeKit and HomeKit enabled accessories; allowing you to enjoy easy control of your vibration sensor from the Home app itself. For Android users, the Aqara app is available for download through the Android Play Store.

Easy Installation

The Aqara’s Vibration Sensor is very easy to install and configure with your smart home.

Installation does not require the services of a professional and can be performed within minutes; without causing any damage to existing walls, switchboards or any other structure in your home.


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